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Writer Rainbow Rowell will make her DC Comics debut

Writer Rainbow Rowell will make her DC Comics debut

Lois Lane remains one of the most distinctive heroines in DC's arsenal, leading her own solo title for years and being an influential part of several stories. As the publisher has already revealed, a new solo story is on the horizon. With the help of writer Rainbow Rowell, whose work includes the bestsellers "Fangirl", "Eleanor & Park", "She-Hulk" and "Runaways", DC Comics will bring a Lois Lane story to Action Comics.

The three-part story by Rowell and artist Cian Tormey will be released in Action Comics #1067-1069, alongside a main story by Gail Simone and Eddy Barrows. Although plot details are currently unknown at this time, Rowell has teased that the adventure will draw on Lois and Clark Kent's unique workplace romance. Action Comics n°1067 will feature Lois on a 1:25 variant cover by Pablo Villalobos.

Writer Rainbow Rowell will make her DC Comics debut

"As a former newspaper reporter, I've always had a soft spot for Daily Planet stories. I love that Clark Kent is Superman and also a working journalist - and that it's not just a dusty background story. It's a real facet of his character. I love that Clark met Lois in the newsroom, and that they still work there together. (That's so realistic, I swear.) I really like it when comic book romances last... There's so much story to tell after two people say yes to each other. So even though I was a little nervous about diving into the DC Universe, I couldn't resist the chance to write a love story that's also a writing story, and still a superhero story," Rainbow Rowell said in a statement.

"The story Rainbow and I are telling is about Lois finding her strength, with Clark supporting her as she becomes stronger in her convictions. It sees her finding her courage in a new role, her sense of responsibility for all - a gentle reminder to Clark of how far he's come and how far all of us who aren't blessed with superpowers can go when faced with adversity," added Cian Tormey.

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