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  • Vinicius Monteiro

Vinland Saga Volume 11 Review

Vinland Saga Volume 11 Review

This text may contain SPOILERS.

Synopsis: Knut remains committed to unifying the kingdom that once belonged to his father, King Svein. With the illness of his brother Harold, the heir to the lands in Denmark, he will have to plot new maneuvers to achieve this ideal. Meanwhile, Thorfinn is getting closer to his freedom, but his plans for a peaceful life may be in jeopardy.

Review: This volume shows that terror can once again frighten the character of Thorfinn. The story finally gets going, moving the plot along.


One thing I didn't mention in the other volumes is that the manga is portraying the lives of the enslaved quite well. The slavery that 'Vinland Saga' portrays is "cultural slavery". In the past, when peoples or tribes fought against each other, the winner would take the losing people as slaves. Here in the manga they are sold and it's very sad to live as a slave, you lose your dignity completely.

Prince Canute reappears in this volume, and he's different. The story represents his inner struggle in a very interesting way: he talks to the head of his decapitated father. This could be a change in his character, or even the consequences of the power of the crown and the years of war.

Volume 11 brings some very bloody fights and moments, and after a few stagnant volumes, it was nice to get some action. The volume shakes up the plot and delivers what I was so looking forward to: people killing each other for no reason. I was already excited by the story in the previous volume and now I'm even more so.

Rating: 8

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