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On Vacation with You Book Review

On Vacation with You Book Review

This text may contain SPOILERS.

Synopsis: Poppy and Alex have nothing in common and somehow, ever since a fateful ride home from college many years ago, the two have been best friends. Most of the time, Poppy and Alex live far away from each other, but every summer, for ten years, they embark on a delightful week-long vacation together. Until two years ago... when they ruined everything.

Review: At no point did the book hook me. The protagonist, the protagonist and the dialogues are all very boring. I can't put books down, I have this serious problem, but I really wanted to abandon "On Vacation with You".

The book has surprises and twists and turns, but "On Vacation with You" intersperses the various summers experienced by the couple between the present and the past, which don't add anything to the story, leaving the book very repetitive.


"On Vacation with You" has that problem that I hate. The characters are in college, but out of nowhere, they experience typical high school movie situations, it's as if the two protagonists were pre-teens. I was expecting more adult conversations and dramas as I read, but the story comes to life through childish characters.

I couldn't get attached to the characters. Poppy is annoying and Alex is the living dead. The romance between the characters has no chemistry, a cold relationship. The author didn't create any conflict between them to make the relationship at least believable or evolve. At no point did I root for them.

The book is also poorly constructed. Nothing happens "on vacation with you", I read chapters and chapters and the story just didn't move forward. I picked up this book thinking it would be a super quick read, but I almost died of boredom, "On Vacation with You" is boring. Very boring. It wasn't for me, good luck with your experience.

Rating: 3

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