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  • Vinicius Monteiro

Marvel Comics unveils several covers for "X-Force" N°1

Marvel Comics unveils several covers for "X-Force" N°1

Marvel Comics is relaunching "X-Force", which will introduce a new incarnation of the mutant special ops strike team. Coming out of the X-Men From the Ashes era, the next X-Force features characters who have already appeared as part of the team - including mutant inventor Forge (Cable and X-Force) and Deadpool (Uncanny X-Force).

Among the series regulars: Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock, aka Captain Britannia; her girlfriend Rachel Summers, aka Askani, a telepath from an alternate future; Surge, the former leader of the New X-Men; Sage, the brains behind Krakoa's X-Force; and Tank, a mutant with metamorphic powers.

Marvel Comics has unveiled its line-up of variant covers for "X-Force" N°1 by Geoffrey Thorne and Marcus To, from a roster of artists that includes Clayton Crain (Carnage), Mahmud Asrar (Excalibur), Tony Daniel (Uncanny Spider-Man) and David Nakayama (Midnight Suns). See the various covers below:

The synopsis for "X-Force" #1 reads: X-FORCE begins with Forge unlocking an omega-level aspect of his unique power of invention. Witnessing everything broken in the world, he builds the ultimate solution - X-Force, a team of mutants hand-picked for off-the-books missions so dire, so essential to the fate of the Marvel Universe that there's no time to stop for permission!

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