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  • Vinicius Monteiro

Mark Millar returns with "Night Club 2" and "Prodigy: Slaves of Mars"

Mark Millar returns with "Night Club 2" and "Prodigy: Slaves of Mars"

Later this year, Mark Millar will team up with artist Juanan Ramirez (Darkhawk) and Fabiana Mascolo (Yasmeen) to return to the world of vampire superheroes with "Night Club 2", and it will be a six-issue series. Millar is also bringing back Edison Crane in "Prodigy: Slaves of Mars". The five-issue series will see Millar team up with artists Stefano Landini (Hellblazer) and Michele Assaraskorn (The Ambassadors), and "Night Club 2" and "Prodigy: Slaves of Mars" will arrive in August.

"We started this range of Dark Horse books with Nemesis: Rogues Gallery and now we're stepping it up a gear with TWO big releases this month. 'Prodigy' is my favorite character I've ever created. A combo of Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Wayne and Indiana Jones just allows me to tell a million different stories and we're all very excited about this one. The first series of Night Club went down very well last year and I'm looking forward to seeing what people make of the sequel. The whole Dark Horse book series is something that we think is really special and is off to a great start." said Millar.

You can check out the various covers for "Night Club 2" and "Prodigy: Slaves of Mars" below:

The official synopsis for "Night Club 2" reads: After the hit series of 2023, Night Club 1, the vampire superheroes are back. The only problem is that they've all fallen out and things are looking grim for the team in formation. Sam will never forgive Danny for dating the girl he loves. Issue #1 features the main cover art by Ramirez with a black and white variant, as well as a variant by the prolific team of artist Jae Lee and colorist June Chung.

"Night Club 2" Issue #1 (of 6) hits international stores on August 21, 2024.

The official synopsis for "Prodigy: Slaves of Mars" reads: The action-packed story of the smartest man in any room continues as Edison Crane confronts the murder of his father. Someone killed him after Edison stumbled upon the world's greatest secret, and now this mysterious force is ready to destroy Edison's life as well. More mysteries remain, such as what is his father's role in NASA's secret space program and what does it mean for all of humanity? Edison Crane will need all his mental faculties to get to the bottom of this dangerous adventure. The cover art includes a main cover by Landini, along with a black and white variant.


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