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Life, the Universe and Everything Book Review

Life, the Universe and Everything Book Review

This text may contain SPOILERS.

Synopsis: After being trapped on prehistoric Earth, Arthur lives a monotonous life with no hope of change. He finally decides to go mad until Ford shows up - and he was in a similar situation - and together they manage to escape on a space-time chain while sitting on a sofa.

Review: In the first two books, we had a more cohesive plot. In the first, the characters wanted to get to the planet Magrathea and find out the answer to the Fundamental Question and in the second, they started by running away from the Vogons and trying to find the man who created the universe. In volume three of the series, I missed a more convincing and adventurous plot as in the other two books.

'Life, the Universe and Everything' is the most complicated to read. Not that it's boring, but it lacks the fun of the first two. This volume is denser, heavier and the criticism is stronger but more subtle.

Douglas Adams has incorporated a lot of satirical and acid humor into the previous volumes. After the previous volume I was expecting something better or even a twist, something really crazy, maybe I shouldn't have raised expectations. 'Life, the Universe and Everything Else' is quieter and the humor is almost non-existent.

Subjects such as xenophobia, racism and intolerance are the main criticisms of the book. There is also more space/time travel in this book, which I found a little irritating and confusing at some points. Of course, this changes depending on the reader, I don't really like reading science fiction, so this automatically makes it more complicated to follow.

Anyway, the third volume disappointed me a little, despite being a book with a lot of criticism, they are very well done and well placed. The point is, as much as I don't like the series, I can't give up, it's like a problem I have (laughs). 'Life, the Universe and Everything' is the one that has disappointed me so far.

Rating: 6

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