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  • Vinicius Monteiro

Josh Gad will release his first comic book

Josh Gad lançará sua primeira história em quadrinhos

Starting in June, "Frozen" and "Angry Birds: The Movie" star Josh Gad will release his first comic book, "The Writer", from Dark Horse Comics, which teams Gad with: screenwriters Ben and Max Berkowitz (The Forever House); veteran Marvel artist Ariel Olivetti; and lyricist Frank Cvetkovic (Count Crowley).

"The Writer" combines the fantastic elements of cultural folklore with the real-life challenges of the creative process, and not unlike Keanu Reeves' "BRZRKR", it's a creator-owned comic book that happens to feature a character who looks a lot like its famous co-screenwriter, presumably keeping the door open for a film adaptation if there's interest.

Josh Gad lançará sua primeira história em quadrinhos

The comic revolves around Stan Siegel, an established storyteller known for comics of the heroic and fantastic. However, his life takes an unexpected and dark turn when he is plunged into a nightmare fueled by Nazi occultism. In a maelstrom of folklore and magic, Stan's hunger for answers reveals hidden identities amid demonic chaos and high-speed chases. This thrilling saga is a race against time, with Stan forced to stop the rising tide of terror by becoming the hero of its pages.

"Joining the brilliant Berkowitz brothers on 'The Writer' was an absolute blast and an education. Here we are, diving headfirst into a universe where cultural folklore meets the high-octane adventures that defined our youth. It's as if all those Saturdays spent watching action movies and dreaming up stories are finally paying off. What makes this project truly special, however, is the chance to celebrate personal stories. We're talking about tales that don't just entertain, but resonate on a deeper level, reflecting a rich heritage and the kind of heroism that doesn't always wear a cape. 'The Writer' isn't just a comic; it's a milestone for geeks like us, proving that heroes come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. I can't wait for you all to see what we have in store!" said Josh Gad in a press release.

"All this still seems unreal to my brother and me. We haven't stopped marveling since we joined forces with the legendary Josh Gad - yes, the 'is there anything he can't do?' Josh Gad - and Ariel Olivetti, whose art made us believe that superheroes could jump straight out of comic books. 'The Writer' is our homage to the rich tapestry of our cultural folklore, a nod to the pioneering creators of the comic book industry and a tribute to the blockbuster adventures that ensured our action figures never saw the inside of a box. It's as if Indiana Jones and 'Back to the Future' had a baby, sprinkled with Jewish mythology, all brought to life by Ariel's art." added Benjamin Berkowitz.

"I've lost count of how many comics I've drawn over the course of my career - artists and numbers aren't exactly best friends. Now, I'm in the lucky position of choosing projects that really resonate, the kind that leave a lasting impression on both me and the readers. When I first read the script for Josh and the Berkowitz Bros. it was clear that this was one of those rare and unforgettable projects. As we approach the climax of the story, my pride in our work only grows, along with my excitement about its future and my concern for the fate of our characters. Will they survive? Can good prevail? These questions remain, but one thing is certain: I hope our readers find as much joy and anticipation in this journey as I do," said Ariel Olivetti.

The first issue of "The Writer" hits comic stores and online stores on June 19 in the international market. Josh Gad provided his voice for the trailer for the comic, which you can see below:


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