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  • Vinicius Monteiro

Hamlet Book Review

Hamlet Book Review

This text may contain SPOILERS.

Synopsis: A young prince meets the ghost of his father, who claims that his own brother, now married to his widow, murdered him. The prince devises a plan to test the veracity of this accusation, forging a brutal madness to plot his revenge. But his apparent insanity soon begins to wreak havoc - on guilty and innocent alike.

Review: Hamlet is a play by Shakespeare written between 1599 and 1605. It was the greatest play ever written by the author, and one of the most characteristic elements of the work is the great monologues of the characters. For those of you who follow me around here, you already know that the play is not my favorite read, I don't like this format of writing.

This classic is one of William Shakespeare's most famous. It's a very melodramatic story that mixes madness, betrayal, desire, power, and what couldn't be missing in a work by the author, tragedy. One of the things I don't like about the play format is the melodramatic tone it has to have, because they are works to be staged, everything has to be exaggerated and fast, I don't like that.


Hamlet is a lonely prince who sees his mother marry his uncle (his father's brother) and become the King. The character captivated me, I found him very interesting, he is torn apart by pain and hatred, awakening within him an enormous desire for revenge.

As in other works by William Shakespeare, Hamlet is highly philosophical. The figure of Hamlet is very enigmatic, and the themes surrounding his story are revenge, melancholy, mourning and madness. Revenge is the theme of many films and soap operas and always makes us root for the good guy.

Hamlet didn't manage to give me this image of a good guy, but he proved to be a very real character.

Shakespeare delivers a work full of dialogues and a lot of internal conversations, which I found tiresome, but I thought it was right for the author to bring in the daydreams of some characters who think aloud, showing all the heavy burdens of their lives. Once again, William Shakespeare delivers a tragedy with an enormous psychological analysis of human behavior.


Even though it's only a few pages long, Hamlet isn't an easy read and I found it tiring. I enjoyed this experience much more than Romeo and Juliet, but it's worth the effort for the wealth of feelings, the characters' daydreams and the mixture of tones and genres that the author delivers.

Shakespeare is timeless, do I like his works? No. The play format doesn't work for me, I think all the feeling and psyche that the author puts into his works is very cool, but so far I haven't favored any of his works.

Shakespeare's works are easy to connect with, because the melodramatic tone makes his stories almost like a Mexican soap opera. The characters experience real and true feelings, such as doubts, disappointments, worries and so many others, that the reader can see themselves. This play is worth reading, but the author hasn't worked for me yet.

Rating: 6


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